shutterstock_87700195Cloud-based Services

There are many reasons why companies are moving services to the cloud. Some cloud-based services save you money. Some services provide more functionality than comparable services you could build in-house. Others may simply offer a service you could never build yourself.

The challenge for your organization is to, a) figure out which in-house systems are proper candidates for being replaced by cloud-based services, and b) determine which cloud-based services and vendors are worth using.

There are many factors to take into consideration. Let’s use your email system as an example.

If you build an in-house email system, you have to purchase and maintain a server. You have to perform nightly backups of the server, and you have to know how to restore those backups if something goes wrong. You have to configure your firewall so that out-of-office employees have remote access to their email, without unnecessarily exposing your server to outside threats and hackers. You have to worry about disaster recovery. If you have these systems (backup, security, disaster recovery) in place on your network now, adding a new in-house email server might be the right way to go.

If you don’t have all of these systems in place, then outsourcing your email to a cloud-based provider makes a lot of sense. But, you have to be careful. You have to compare the functionality and costs of services from different vendors. You have to do your homework to make sure your new vendor takes security, backup, and disaster recovery seriously. You have to know what the restrictions and limitations are with your new service provider, and you have to know what their support policies are.

Wittig Associates can help with all of these things. We have been working with reliable service providers for many years. We can guide you toward companies who have a proven track record for service and performance. We’ll explain all of the options to you so you get signed up for the right combination of services. We’ll even help you migrate from your existing system to the new one, keeping your data intact, and your downtime to a minimum.